About Us

We are a three member ensemble based in the central Indiana area that plays a unique blend of early music. We do so utilizing unique instruments such as a Viola da Gamba - Tenor Vielle -7 String Bass Guitar - Lute - Native American flute & Irish whistle. We play songs from all over the world including England, Finland, Germany, Guatemala, Ireland, Israel, North America, Scotland, and Wales.

Encomium is a Latin word derived from the Greek and it refers to a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly.

We select old tunes or tunes that sound old, many of which have been used as a setting for poetry and hymns in the past or present. Some of our tunes date back to the 1500’s and one of our songs dates back to the mid 500’s. It is our desire to keep alive these old tunes and breathe fresh breath in them as we play.